Duszak, Anna; Jabłoński, Arkadiusz; Leńko-Szymańska, Agnieszka (eds.) (2017). East-Asian and Central-European Encounters in Discourse Analysis and Translation. [Multilingual Applied Linguistics 2]. Warsaw: Institute of Applied Linguistics.
ISBN: 978-83-935320-2-5
ISSN: 2544-4914

Table of contents

Cover    pdf

The front matter    pdf

1. Arkadiusz JABŁOŃSKI and Agnieszka LEŃKO-SZYMAŃSKA    pdf
East-West intercultural encounters: A Central European perspective

I           Frameworks

2. Leszek KORPOROWICZ    13-31    pdf
Extended cultures: Towards a discursive theory of hybrid space

3. Arkadiusz JABŁOŃSKI    33-55    pdf
Courtesy, adequacy, procedure: A brief account on the intercultural communication background

II         Angles

4. Paweł KORNACKI    57-82    pdf
What does it mean to have a good time the Chinese way? An ethnopragmatic exploration of a Chinese cultural keyword

5. Yiqing LIAO and Rong XIAO    83-104    pdf
Boroditsky’s empirical studies on spatio-temporal association in Mandarin and English: A critical review

III        Encounters

6. Katarzyna SONNENBERG    105-126    pdf
A sense of (dis)continuity: Searching for novelistic expression in Meiji fiction

7. Maciej STANASZEK    127-161    pdf
Titles of Mo Yan’s books in translation into closer and farther languages: Nature or culture as the main cause of changes

8. Elżbieta GAJEK    163-182    pdf
Students’ reflections on communication in Polish-Chinese tandems

Notes on contributors    183-186    pdf